Historic Shirts


Our Historic shirts symbolize the history of those who fought, died and live on for freedom and equality.  The shirts generate conversation and memories of a past.  We have to pass the word and history on to each generation.  We cannot and will not forget  the ones we follow, for they made the way.


Keep the knowledge and  love, to unite all races in one single goal, celebrating the Historic Birmingham Alabama and the memories of Historic  4th Avenue.



Sixth Player



Sixth Player refers to the billions of fans who support their favorite basketball program on all levels: little league, high school, collegiate, and professional.  The sixth player role is to cheer their team to victory.  The role is accomplished by electrifying their team and intimidating the opposing team.  The sixth player, through their cheers and actions as well as their attire, is on the court with their five players, playing defense, trapping, rebounding, blocking shots, and etc.  Equally, the Sixth Player plays a major role on the offensive end of the court as well.  The basketball rim appears to get bigger and bigger as the sixth players make more noise and make themselves more visible. Therefore, more shots are falling and scoring is easier.  Also, the five players on the court play at a more intense level, knowing the sixth players are in the house. Cheering and actions alone are not enough to carry a team and intimidate an opposing team. Imagine for a moment, a home team enters their home arena and immediately sees thousands of fans dressed in their team's colors with the team's name and "Sixth Player" affixed to their shirts. What a sensational feeling it will give the home team? On the other hand, when the opposing team enters the same arena, the opposing team will immediately feel out gunned, out numbered, and defeated because of the thousands of sixth players showing support for their team. What a beautiful site, thousands of local fans being the sixth player, cheering their hearts out, going toe to toe with the opposing players, and wearing their teams colors, with the teams name and Sixth Player affixed on their shirt.


I am the owner of Historic 4th Avenue Shirts and I have exclusive trademark rights to "SIXTH PLAYER".  If you are interested in using sixth player as a fund raiser or to support your basketball team, please contact us.


 Sixth Player is also available on athletic apperal including: pants, jackets, footwear, hats/caps, and hooded sweatshirts.